[Backup]µTorrent Command Line Options

There are several command line options you can use with µTorrent to make it behave differently than normal. Do note that these options can only be used when µTorrent is opened through a shortcut, by command line, or some other means that allows command line options to be used. At any time, a space should be appended along with the wanted option at the end of the target path for the shortcut, outside of any quotation marks that may exist in the target path.

  • /ANSI starts µTorrent without Unicode support, in case anyone ever has trouble with Unicode.
  • /AUTOUPDATE "FILE PATH" [/NORUN] replaces the file located at FILE PATH with the currently-running executable and starts the executable from the specified path. If /NORUN is used in conjunction with this option, then µTorrent won't run the executable after the replacement occurs.
  • /BIGDUMP tells µTorrent to create a large memory dump instead of the minidumps it normally creates when it crashes. This can be useful for the developer to debug problems where minidumps provide insufficient information.
  • /BRINGTOFRONT forces the µTorrent window to be shown, regardless of whether it was previously minimized on exit, or whether /HIDE or /MINIMIZED were also used as command line options.
  • /DIRECTORY "SAVE PATH" ".TORRENT FILE TO OPEN" allows you to open a .torrent file and specify where you'd like to save the torrent contents to from the command line (without any GUI interaction), where "SAVE PATH" is the path to the location you'd like to save the torrent contents, and ".TORRENT FILE TO OPEN" is the location of the .torrent file. Note that the save path must not contain a trailing backslash, otherwise µTorrent will fail to load the .torrent file. Only local .torrent files may be used.
  • /HIDE starts µTorrent in boss-key mode, meaning the tray icon and the entire interface is hidden until the boss-key is pressed. Note that you should set up a boss-key before actually starting µTorrent with this switch, otherwise you might find yourself having a difficult time seeing and using µTorrent.
  • /LAUNCHBUNDLEDURL "URL" opens URL in your default web browser.
  • /LOGFILE "SAVE PATH" will perform the initial file selection for the log to file feature automatically on startup.
  • /MINIMIZED will start µTorrent minimized, and if minimize to tray is enabled, will start µTorrent minimized to tray.
  • /NOINSTALL will tell µTorrent to bypass the installation dialog prompt.
  • /PERFORMINSTALL FLAGS is a bitfield that tells µTorrent what shortcuts to create, depending on the following possible values for FLAGS:
    • tells µTorrent to create a shortcut in the Start menu
    • tells µTorrent to create a shortcut on the Desktop
    • tells µTorrent to create a shortcut in the Quick Launch toolbar

Because the flags are interpreted as a bitfield, values can be added together to perform each of the combined actions.

  • /RECOVER will allow you to open up a second instance of µTorrent instead of its normal behavior where it simply activates the currently-running instance. In order to prevent possible problems, it is recommended that you create an encapsulated copy of µTorrent before opening it as a second instance, then create a shortcut for the encapsulated copy of the executable with the /RECOVER Remember that two applications cannot listen on the same port, so if you intend on having the second instance actually be a properly-working instance, you should set the second instance to listen on a different port, and forward that port as well.
  • /UNINSTALL [/S] will uninstall µTorrent after user confirmation, deleting even the settings directory. If the install is broken enough that this switch doesn't work, running this option in conjunction with the /S option should force an uninstall without asking for confirmation.


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